Full time


Our Full time maid and live in maid service is a easier way to manage your home..All our full time maids / live in maids are fully trained in the Howdra maid training facility, up holding the Howdra maid service name of supplying high end, prestige House maids all for a monthly fee !!!!!


                                                                Our unique, hassle free, Full time, live in maid service includes.......

 Bed Making

                                         Fully trained full time,live in maids trained at our Howdra maid training house !!!


                                                                    1st aid maid certified trained !!!


                                                 Our client pays a monthly fee only for the term of contract !!

  So no visa fees !! Howdra maids Service takes care of interviews, maids flights, maids health insurance scheme, maids end of service gratuity  maids agency fees , maids  salary ( paid by WPS ) in to  your maids bank  account!!!


                                                  You supply  food and accomadation and Howdra supplies the rest !!!

                                     Setting the Table

                                                      Your family Personally matched to your full time, live in maid !!


                                                  For full details on our unique, hassle free Live in full time maid service please contact us !!!!

       ASK for Jinky on 04 2380088 / 056 1441322  or  jinky@howdramaids.ae or dave@howdramaids.ae